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We Have Multiple Programs!
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Your account is serviced through a non-profit, BBB A+ rated company, in business since 2002
We'll Roll All Your Debts Into One Monthly Payment
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Licensed Professionals
Experienced Attorneys run our programs
No-Risk Agreement
Our programs are voluntary —you can cancel at any time without incurring future charges
You WILL NOT Stop Paying Your Creditors!
Not paying can bring about lawsuits and garnishments
20+ Years Experience!
Our principals have many years of broad consumer finance experience
You WILL NOT Damage Your Credit!
Debt Settlement is a very different process which has a huge negative impact on your credit

You think that this whole "debt relief" world sounds too good to be true. You think that it is all a scam, and that all of the flag-waving and Obama-proclaiming ads are fly-by-night companies just trying to take your money.

Well, you're right...kind of.

You absolutely should go into this with your eyes wide open. There are fraudulent companies that will just take your money and run, sure. There are also legitimate companies that will put you in a real program...that just happens to be the wrong choice for your situation.

If that happens, you can wind up paying money for a service that will destroy your credit and leave you open to non-stop creditor harrassment, judgments, garnishments, and more. Although in extreme cases that may be your only choice other than bankruptcy, we believe that you should know all your options.

In fact, that is where we are different. We've taken the time and spent the money to be able to provide various different solutions to you. We don't have to shove you into a particular debt relief program that doesn't fit you, only because that is all we have access to!

We also think that our primary debt relief solution for a majority of our clients should be the least expensive for them, and the least invasive in terms of their credit file and credit score.

That's the reason we aren't screaming "Reduce your Debt by 75%!!!" like most of our competitors - there are major sacrifices using that type of debt relief program, and many times they won't tell you about those sacrifices...simply because it will "blow their sale".

So, if you are ready to talk to a real, experienced, debt relief advisor to find out which option - if any - is right for you, fill out the simple form to the right.

We look forward to talking to you and going over your options. Remember, there is no obligation, and you don't have to share your account numbers, social security number, or any sensitive financial data to get your valuable, customized report.

To your financial future,
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